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Man kind is responsible for hisself and all creatures and the
wellbeing of the world. For this reason we must also demand of
scientists, the scientific care of the environment as the first
moment of self control. Mankind in all its dealings with all
species of flora and fauna has the duty to take responsibility
for all of life’s precious gifts in all its multiple forms.

The representatives of the great religions of the world
(in terra mater, Gubbio 1982)


We all well know that the areas of misery and famine that exists
on our planet could have been handled in a short time if the
enormous investments in arms, that serve only for war and
destruction, had been instead changed for investments in
nutrition and food, that serve life

Pope John Paul II (1979)


It is an arrogant preconception that mankind is the master of all
inferior creatures. On the country having been given the greater
things in life, it must become the educators of all lower animal

kingdoms. Gandhi


What would man be without animals? If all animals disappeared man
would succumb to a state of solitude Since all that happens to
animals sooner or later happens to mankind. All things are tied

Indian Chief, Seattle


There isn’t any animal species on earth that does not constitute,
like you, a part of community.

Mohammed, Koran, VI 38


Nature doesn’t take care of possible mistakes; it can do no more
than function equally, in eternity, without taking care of that
which it can become.



There are precious treasures in the house of the just, but
mankind imprudently wastes them.

Soloman, proverbs 21,20 (X sec.a.C)